Who designed your Tasting Room?

The Tasting Room was designed and built by Owners/Brewers  Adam and Karen, and inspired by our home in Stockton.   All of the tables, bar and frames are from a single Red Oak tree, constructed and finished by us. 

The Hand Pulled Beer Engine was originally from a 1970s John Smith Pub in the UK and reconditioned for use over the last few years.

What do you do with your spent grain?

Our grain goes to the feed the lovely goats at Gorgeous Goat Creamery and Soap at Stewgler Farm.

What's with the tour?

New Jersey requires all guests that would like to sample beer at a brewery to take a tour of the facility once a year.

When you come in, please see one of the people behind the bar, and we will give you a guided tour of our Brewhouse.  Afterwards, if you sign our guest book, you will not need to take another tour (unless you really enjoyed it) for another year.   We are also always happy to answer any question you have outside of the tour.

Those tap handles?

The tap handles are custom blown glass by California artist, Dan McStocker

Who did your photography?

All photo work by Jesse Darlington.

Anything Else?

Special thanks to:

Juliano Architects

Richard E. Yard Plumbing

Vocke Electric